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Improving graduate soft skills and employability: Pilot feedback and lessons learned

Employers in Addis Ababa are struggling to find employees with the soft skills they require in addition to technical skills. TVETs often focus primarily on technical skills training and lack capacity to develop and deliver soft skills training. This is impacting the employability of LIWAY´s target group of poor women and youth.

Amplifying beneficiary voices and partner learning through multi-stakeholder workshops

LIWAY´s work in the micro and small enterprise (MSE) system focuses on reducing barriers to business entry and growth and stimulating…

Giving LIWAY some leeway

Naming a programme is always difficult. LIWAY comes from an acronym; Livelihoods Improvement for Women and Youth, which reflects the intention of the programme. We did hear people, however, suggest that the name sounded like we were trying to leave room to wriggle our way out of results.