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Empowering women and youth: Muday-Fresh and Green’s journey to Enjera success

A showcase of the power of partnerships, market linkages, and innovative strategies.

Strengthening the digital ecosystem for the labour market in an inclusive way

LIWAY is enabling the delivery of inclusive digital solutions and we have learned some lessons along the way.

Upskilling returning migrant women for domestic employment

Returning migrant women struggle to find employment. LIWAY is helping through skills development.

Developing ‘learning-for-earning’ opportunities for women

Women’s futures will be determined by the opportunities they have to learn and develop relevant skills.

Strengthening TVET colleges to realise the promise of MSEs

LIWAY is working with TVETs to ensure micro and small enterprises have the technical skills needed to grow.

Improving graduate soft skills and employability: Pilot feedback and lessons learned

A look at lessons learned from a pilot that integrates soft skills training in the TVET curriculum.

Amplifying beneficiary voices and partner learning through multi-stakeholder workshops

Beneficiaries share stories of how businesses have been enabled and highlight ongoing challenges.

Giving LIWAY some leeway

How LIWAY’s adaptive management created conditions for success in Ethiopia’s continually changing context.