Employability/soft skills training expedites employment for young people like Suleyman

Individual Case Story | Skills System

In 2021, at the age of 21, Suleyman Mustafa obtained a Diploma in Automotive from Addis Ababa Tegbareid Polytechnic College. However, he struggled to find a job after graduating and became concerned about his future.

While in this predicament, Suleyman had the opportunity to participate in the “Sustainable TVET Graduate Employment Programme,” conducted in partnership with Kepler Ethiopia as part of LIWAY’s skills market system interventions to enhance the employability of TVET graduates. The programme provides training in employability/soft skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, communication, time management, and work ethic and commitment.

Soon after completing his training, Suleyman successfully obtained employment at MOENCO Automotive as an Automotive technician, earning a monthly salary of 4,000 ETB. He stated that his involvement in the programme had a notable effect on his job prospects at a reputable company and his professional advancement. He explained:

“The programme empowered me to autonomously tackle issues and complete tasks without relying on others. Furthermore, it improved my communication abilities, surpassing those of my peers. Additionally, it taught me the significance of being a team player. Lastly, it enhanced my skills in effectively communicating with individuals. It has also helped me to develop a higher level of proficiency in problem-solving, which significantly contributes to the company’s success as customers rely on finding accurate solutions.”

Suleyman also talked about how the programme’s network and community provided support after he finished the programme:

“The trainers advised me during the training and also while I was on the job. The programme’s career team helped me find this job opportunity and continues to keep track of my progress. In the workplace, problems and misunderstandings arise, but this team assists me in handling them and resolving issues in my workplace.”

Suleyman now wants to continue to learn and progress. He has a future plan to enhance his experience and attain a higher position within his organisation.