Empowering women and youth: Muday-Fresh and Green’s journey to Enjera success

In a world where empowerment and economic opportunities for women and youth are crucial, the partnership between LIWAY and Muday–Fresh and Green Plc (F&G) is a shining example of progress. The commitment to train and engage at least 1,000 women and youth in the production and sale of Enjera, using the established brand “Muday Enjera,” has led to remarkable outcomes and life-changing transformations.


Catering to the needs of low-income groups

The target beneficiaries of this initiative are low-income women and youth, eager to boost their income through the art of baking local Enjera, backed by the technical support provided by Muday–F&G. This support aims to help them acquire the necessary skills and experience to thrive in the market based on an outsourcing model.


Fostering market linkages and connections

To date, 935 women and youth have been engaged in the production and sales of Enjera. To widen the customer base and explore new opportunities, Muday–F&G recently organised three market linkage events, attracting 10-12 potential buyers per workshop, both public and private institutions. During these events, the unique features of Muday Enjera were showcased, and its potential in the market was highlighted. The presentations sparked discussions and enabled representatives from various institutions to explore potential business relationships with Muday–F&G.


From 10,000 to 84,000 Enjeras per day: A leap in success

The market linkage workshops proved to be a turning point in Muday–F&G’s journey. They not only established essential networks with potential buyers but also gained insights into their specific requirements and standards. Most participants appreciated Muday–F&G’s efforts to create business partnerships to support women and youth, promising to relay this initiative to their respective organisations. As a result, new buyers emerged, bringing the total number of regular and large buyers to 60. The sales volume of Enjera skyrocketed from a humble 10,000 per day to a staggering 84,000 per day, indicating unprecedented growth.


Impact on women and youth and beyond

The positive results have rippled through the market ecosystem. The self-managed group (franchisee) called Fikr reported that a year earlier they were selling only 1,500 Enjeras per day, and they now produce and sell an average of 5,000 Enjeras per day. Most of these are sold through Muday–F&G with the established franchise model, and some are sold to other MSEs such as retailers and mini restaurants. Fikr’s growth has extended to their MSE customers, like the Afita Balitina shop, which saw its profits rise through increased Enjera sales.


A vision for the future

The market linkage events were not only about expanding sales but also about generating fresh ideas and actionable recommendations. Participants suggested strategies such as opening accessible outlets in crowded areas, developing nutrition focused Enjera products for hospital patients, and setting up production areas that minimise delays and traffic barriers. Utilising mainstream media promotions was another impactful suggestion to reach a larger audience.

Although the market opportunities in Addis Ababa are promising, there remains untapped potential. However, through the Muday–F&G business model and their commitment to empowering women and youth, they are poised to double the current sales and make an even greater impact on LIWAY’s target groups.



The inspiring journey of Muday-Fresh and Green Plc, in collaboration with LIWAY, showcases the power of partnerships, market linkages, and innovative strategies in empowering women and youth while fostering sustainable business growth. Their dedication to supporting low-income groups and fostering win-win partnerships has transformed lives, businesses, and the broader community. As they continue to expand their reach and impact, the future looks bright for the Enjera industry and its aspiring entrepreneurs.