Digital Job Matching Platform (National Recruitment Platform)

Implementation Partners

Minab IT Solutions, Ministry of Labour and Skills (MoLS)


Facilitation of job seekers registration digitally both through assisted (centre-based) and self-registration (HahuJobs mobile application and call centre), which assigns unique identities (fingerprint), builds full profiles of job seekers, arranges tailored training and assessment (skills checking and certification), and matches job seekers to employer requirements. Integration of platform/system is underway to address back-office processes where the National Recruitment Platform is lacking such as agency management, contract management, case management, and immigration related to overseas employment.

Liway’s Role

Convening and engaging partners, technical assistance to co-create the business model, co-investment to develop the digital platform and integrate with other digital systems/platforms related to overseas employment such as the Ethio-Migrant Database Management System supported by the ILO.