Job Fairs to Enhance Job Matching

Implementation Partners

Mela Events Planning and Management PLC, Aha Psychological Services, LITHWAS


Crowd management process that brings many low- and medium-skilled job seekers, job matching service providers, and employers together in one physical place with the aim of reducing transaction costs such as job search and recruitment costs (e.g.,  money, time). Job seekers are trained and certified on job readiness and employability skills to attract potential employers and address the major gaps faced by employers in the labour market. Employers and job matching service providers pay for booth rental and value-added services such as post-event job matching services, subscription fees to use the digital platform, and others.

Liway’s Role

Cost-sharing of promotional activities, action research, training material production, development of digital platform for database management and post-event job matching services, and stakeholders learning workshops.

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