Skills systems

Skills System

Increasing incomes by improving skills development to unlock wage and self-employment opportunities

Many firms in Addis Ababa with high growth potential are functioning with low productivity and below capacity due to the low skill level of workers. Current Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) does not provide the type and quality of training employers need. Conversely, firms lack sufficient knowledge, time, and resources to invest in on-the-job training. Poor women and youth, who rely on TVET colleges and workplace training for skills development, are therefore not able to gain the necessary skills to access employment opportunities or increase their incomes.

Critical Constraints

We are focused on the following intervention areas to address the critical constraints

Trainers lack the skills and experience needed for appropriate training and quality delivery

Training curricula are outdated and do not meet market requirements

TVET colleges underinvest in marketing to increase awareness and improve perceptions

TVET colleges have poor institutional capacities to ensure effective skills delivery

Intervention Focus areas

We are focused on the following intervention areas to address the critical constraints

Quality improvement of trainers, curricula, and content, including development of up-to-date curricula that align with market requirements and extension and improvement of training delivery through new models and trainer capacity building

Coordination and engagement of relevant stakeholders, which involves improving linkages and relationships between market actors and building their capacity to ensure lasting change and ongoing investment and innovation

Marketing and improving perceptions toward TVET programming through improvements in TVET marketing capabilities, strategies, and incentives

Institutional strengthening of TVET colleges through improvement of national directives, rules, functions, and leadership development

System Lead: Save The Children

Other focus systems

Labour System

Improving access to better paying
wage employment

Micro & small
enterprise (mse)

Reducing barriers to business entry and growth and stimulating innovation

Medium & large
enterprise (mle)

Creating more and higher paying jobs through growth of medium and large manufacturers